Unique beaches

Beaches are among the best tourist attractions. But while regular travellers might enjoy any beach, unique beaches attract the more adventurous types.

Our Mindroids thought to help travellers by compiling a list of unique beaches so that you will have the different kind of a travel experiance in your next beach vacation.  Hope you find this useful ๐Ÿ˜Š

Glow-In-The-Dark Beach, Maldives

This otherworldly beach in the Maldives maybe by far the unique in the world. The beach is covered by little creatures called bioluminescent phytoplankton, which causes a star-lit sky appearance on the beach.

Hidden Beach, Mexico

Out of all the unique beaches we found, this is the one most of our Mindroids thought would be ideal for our best beach vacation. Known as the Playa del Amor (Beach of Love) is commonly known as the hidden beach because it resides inside a cave with an open roof.

Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

These island beaches with stretches of pink sand provide one of the most romantic views in the world. Not surprisingly, we were told that this is most popular among the honeymooners.

Benagil Sea Cave, Portugal

The southernmost region of Portugal (Algarve coast)  has these caves that were created because of sea erosion. Within these limestone caves resides some of the worldโ€™s most stunning beaches.

Benagil Sea Cave, Portugal
Benagil Sea Cave, Portugal

Bowling Ball Beach, California, US

The bowling ball beach is a unique beach where spherical stones cover the entire beach. This fascinating beach can be found in the Mendocino coast of Califonia. During the low tides, the water moves back to highlight these fantastic formations making this one of the unique beaches in the world.

Bowling Ball Beach
Bowling Ball Beach

Which one of the above beaches would you like to visit first? Are there any other such unique beaches we should add to the list. Share your pictures and stories with the Mindroids in the comments below ๐Ÿ˜Š