Tips to Lose Weight During Pregnancy- A Safe Method

Hurray! You are pregnant. This is fantastic news for you and your family, but it’s potentially not good news for your waistline. Some women gain weight quickly during their pregnancy. However, a pregnant woman may not go on a diet or try to lose weight during pregnancy. It’s better to eat healthy foods and to stay active because, trying to lose weight during pregnancy may cause you and your baby to experience some unwanted complications.

Weight loss is associated with several myths. Here is our article on the biggest myths about weight loss that you should avoid

Many experts say that pregnancy is often a time when weight problems first start for women – and many women cannot agree more! In fact, according to the The Association for the Study of Obesity, up to 80% of women blame their weight problems in pregnancy. This means that there is never a more critical time in life to eat healthily and control the amount of weight you get, especially if you are overweight or obese. But now, it is clearly not the time to diet or worry about losing weight. Instead, you can make changes in your diet to get the nutrients you need without gaining much weight. Talk to your doctor to get help in planning a healthy diet.

Below are some healthy eating tips that should help you get a start with losing excess weight during pregnancy.

Healthy choice:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables can be a good snack. Because they are full of vitamins and low in calories and fat.
  • Eat bread, crackers, and cereals made with whole grains.
  • Choose dairy products with reduced fat. You need at least four servings of dairy products every day. However, using skim milk, 1% milk, or 2% will significantly reduce the number of calories and fat you eat. Also, choose a cheese or low fat or fat-free yoghurt.


  • It is better to do mild exercise, as recommended by your health care provider, that can help you burn some extra calories.
  • Walking or swimming, in general, is a safe and effective exercise.
  • Always contact your health care provider of the officer before starting your exercise program.

Foods to avoid:

  • Natural sweeteners are better than food and drinks with added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Avoid artificial sweeteners at all cost.
  • Foods and beverages that include sugar or corn syrup as one of the first ingredients are not a good choice.
  • Many sweet drinks contain high calories. Read the label and watch for drinks that contain high sugar, substitute water for soda and fruit drinks.
  • Avoid junk-food snacks, such as chips, candy, cakes, and ice cream. The best way to avoid eating junk food or other unhealthy snacks is not to have this food in your home.
  • Do not add salt to food when cooking. Salt causes your body to hold water.
  • Avoid fat, unhealthy fats as cooking oil, margarine, butter, sauce, mayonnaise, ordinary salad sauce. Try a low-fat version of the food.

Eating out:

  • Don’t Go Overly Hungry. When you sit starving in a restaurant, and before you know it, you have eaten a few slices of bread with butter before the main meal arrives. If you are hungry before leaving for a restaurant, try small snacks like a piece of fruit.
  • Avoid fast food.In general, eat in places that offer salads, soups and vegetables.
  • Request whole-wheat bread, rolls, and pasta when choosing sandwiches, burgers, or main dishes.

Cooking at home:

  • Try to prepare food using a low-fat cooking method.
  • Frying food in oil or butter will increase calories and fat from food.
  • Roasting, grilling, grilling or boiling are healthier and less fat cooking options.

If you have struggled with overweight in the past, it may be difficult to accept that it’s okay to gain weight with pregnancy. It is normal to feel anxious when the numbers on the scale rise. But always Keep in mind that weight gain is needed for a healthy pregnancy. Extra pounds will be released after you give birth.

On the other hand, if you gain more weight than suggested, your baby will also be overweight, which can sometimes cause problems with delivery. A healthy diet and regular exercise are the best ways to ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby.