Polluted beaches which were beautiful tourist attractions

Around the world, there are beautiful beaches that attract visitors from all over the world. But tourism has left its mark on the beaches that are destroyed by debris and pollution. Here are the Mindroids list of polluted beaches that were damaged by human presence.

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The feeling of sitting on a chalky, sandy beach with your feet in crystal blue water is hard to beat. Then add swimming pigs, cruise trips, beaches known from movies, or exceptional animal species, it is not difficult to understand why some beaches attract lots of tourists. But when too many tourists travel to the same beach, it often leads to pollution, debris and damaged ecosystems. In some cases, it has become so polluted that the beaches have to be closed to visitors.

Maya Bay – Thailand

Have you seen “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio? Then you will certainly recognize Maya bay in Thailand. The film has caused tourists to flock to the beach, and many take a day trip by boat to walk in the footsteps of the film. But tourists have urged Thai authorities to take drastic measures – and the beach has now closed. From June to September 30, when it is low season, the beach has closed to be able to recover from tourism. This is because the many trips to the site damage the coral reef.

Polluted beaches which were beautiful tourist attractions

Kuta – Indonesia

Only one country have more polluted beaches in the world than Indonesia, and that is China. Ten percent of the host’s marine pollution comes from Indonesia. And sometimes the beaches of Bali are paradise on earth, but sometimes they resemble more dumps than anything else. In December 2017, it was a garbage emergency on Jimbaran, Kuta and Seminyak beaches. This is when rubbish floats ashore and fills the beaches with plastic. This is not uncommon at the site; on the contrary, the problem is even more significant during the rainy season when debris flows ashore.

Polluted beaches which were beautiful tourist attractions

Big Major Cay – The Bahamas

Big Major Cay Island has beautiful beaches and turquoise waters – but it’s more the pigs that attract visitors to the island. Wild herd pigs also swim in the sea. But in recent years, several of the pigs have been found dead, according to National geographic, up to 10 pigs have been killed so that there are only about eight left. The reason is believed to be that tourists leave food on the beach that the pigs eat when large amounts of sand have been found in the pigs’ stomachs. Early reports also showed that tourists gave the pigs alcohol, writes National geographic. A third possible reason is climate change and drought that threaten the animals’ water resources.

Polluted beaches which were beautiful tourist attractions

Boracay – Philippines

When the beach and the water are compared to drainage well – then you know that something is wrong. And that’s precisely what Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte called the beaches of Boracay. According to CNN, there were 1.7 million visitors to the island in 10 months, and these tourists leave behind. Not least because of the assumptions that several of the island’s drains lead right into the sea, although this has not been confirmed. Tourism led to the decision in April to close the beach for six months. During these months, no tourist is allowed to travel to the island, and you should clean up the beaches.

Kamilo – Hawaii

The Kamilo beach in Hawaii is also known as “plastic beach” and is one of the dirtiest places in the world. The beach is in the countryside of “The big island” – and it’s covered with everything from hairbrushes to water bottles. Every year, plastic is washed up on the beach, and one reason for this is that the beach is close to what is called “The Great Pacific garbage patch”, a garbage dump floating around in the still sea.

Polluted beaches which were beautiful tourist attractions

Cozumel – Mexico

The island of Cozumel in Mexico is a real paradise island with white beaches and clear water that attracts divers. But the island is no longer undiscovered, and many choose to travel to Cozumel via cruise ships. When there is constant activity from the cruise ships on the island, the surrounding water heats up so much that it damages the coral reef. Also, the island and its beaches are damaged by pollution and exploitation.

Polluted beaches which were beautiful tourist attractions

Outer Banks – USA

At the Outer Banks area in North Carolina, a high water level has long been predicted, and now it has happened. Both storms and human development are the culprits, and the beach has become close to 0.8 kilometres shorter in 150 years. In typical cases, a natural process occurs on the beach where waves and wind move sand. But since man came to the place, the settlement has been in the way of this process. Who knows, maybe the beach will disappear entirely if it doesn’t get better?

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