putting a baby to sleep

For the past few weeks, we have been sharing our thoughts on baby sleep. We have talked about finding out the ideal time span to sleep as well as the importance of bedtime routine. Bedtime routine may indeed help your child to sleep. But even with our best efforts, sometimes your baby will still resist sleep. So here are my secrets to putting a baby to sleep.

Most common techniques of babies to resist sleeping

The most common and the hardest for us as parents is when the baby ask you to stay in the room with them. When that is met, they might ask for a glass of water, a small snack or even ask for another story. The trick is to know that these are all intended to delay sleep.

Once you understand that your baby is trying to delay sleep and is stalling, then you can start helping him/her sleep. Below, are few techniques you can try out.

Proven techniques of putting a baby to sleep.

  • The most common reason for a baby to resist sleep is that they might be afraid of nightmares. Studies have shown that stuffed animals can help reduce the fear of nightmares. SO it’s always a good idea to train your baby to go to sleep with a stuffed animal.
  • You can also start playing a soothing music on the background when the baby start sleeping. This help cover up the small sounds that may wake the baby up.
  • A soft back scratch can also help a baby to go to sleep.
  • Some babies always go to sleep comfortably when we give her something to look forward to in the morning. A tasty breakfast or a cartoon does the trick.
  • You can also talk about how sleeping help them grow stronger and bigger. This technique mostly work with the boys though.

Remember never to use the bedroom for punishments. Instead let it be a happy place for your child. A place where they can play, and spend quality time with you. This will help them feel relaxed and comfortable in their bedroom which results in better sleeps

Some additional things to avoid

  • A sweet snack right before bedtime : You don’t want to give them a sugar rush right before the bedtime
  • Avoid screen time as much as possible as it gets them overactive
  • Avoid bright lights and night light as well because any light during the night time can confuse the brain to think it’s morning. This may disrupt sleep.

So those are our secrets to help a baby to sleep. But we strongly recommend that you establish a bedtime routine and stick with it as that is the most effective way to help a baby sleep. That may be difficult first, but with time you will get it done. Most parents do, the good ones that is. And if you are reading this, you are probably one of those good parents 😊

So how about you? Please share your experiences in the comments below. We would love to hear tips and techniques of putting a baby to sleep.