Home remedies for migraine and nausea

Migraine is a neurological disorder which causes that causes recurring headaches. This is also the most common neurological disorder. The intensity of headache can vary from moderate to high. Medical professionals claim that migraine is the 3rd most prevalent disability in the world.

The Mindroids are fully understand the migraine pain since few of our number are suffering from this. We also know that it’s a LOT more than just a “headache”.  Therefore, we thought of bringing you a set of home remedies for migraine and nausea. These may be simple but believe us when we say this, they are effective.  How do we know? Well, we know because we have many in our own team who found relief by trying these out 😊. So, if you are looking to find effective yet simple home remedies for migraine and nausea, read on.

Here are our six best natural home remedies for migraine headaches; the best is for last.

6. Place an ice pack on your forehead

Researchers identify ice as an “anti-inflammatory” substance. Which means it has the ability to reduce inflammation. So when ever you feel you are going to have a migraine pain, you can put a pack of ice on your forehead for instant relief. Some of our members claim that in cases where you can’t find an ice pack, even a cloth soaked with ice water can help.

5. Massage peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is one of the most popular natural home remedies for migraine headaches. Whenever you have a migraine pain, just massage your temples and back of your neck with peppermint oil. You’ll find an instant relief. One study even claim that it can stop migraine from ever coming back. While we are not sure about that, we know that it still is a great home remedy for migraine pain relief. 

4. Drink ginger tea

Similar to ice, ginger has “anti-inflammatory” properties. So, drinking ginger tea regularly can help you prevent migraine pains from ever coming back. Researchers even claim that it can reduce the severity and duration of migraine. So if you are suffering from migraine pains, we recommend you start drinking ginger tea soon.

3. Start doing yoga

Yoga is proven to be an effective and side effect free ancient technique for many serious health conditions. There are studies which has proven that practicing the following simple yoga postures can help reduce the severity, duration and frequency of migraine pains .

Home remedies for migraine and nausea : Yoga

2. Include magnesium in your diet

One of the most common causes for migraine is deficiency of magnesium. Therefore, by increasing your daily magnesium intake can help reduce the frequency of migraines. So, try to include some of the following for your regular diet.

  • Cashews
  • almonds
  • sesame seeds
  • peanut butter
  • oatmeal
  • eggs
  • milk

1. Learn and try out acupressure

We kept the best for last. Similar to yoga, acupressure is also a credible ,proven and side effect free way for migraine pain relief. Recently, medical professional have discovered that it can instantly reduce migraine pains and even help you get rid of it all together.  But first you need to learn your body’s pressure point. The images below might help you to do that.

Home remedies for migraine and nausea : Acupressure

Hope the above natural home remedies for migraine headaches will help you to ease your migraine pains as it has done for many of our team members. Let us know if you have any other home remedies for migraine and nausea. We will try them out and add to the list.