common myths and facts : Reasoning behind common myths people believe

Most cultures and communities have their own beliefs and rituals that many younger generations disregard claiming them to be myths. However, the Mindroids thinks that there are very valid and logical reasoning behind common myths people believe. Therefore, we decided to list down several such common myths and facts to point out the reasons behind those rituals/practices to be introduced in the first place.

You should not cut nails at night

This is one of the most common myths our parents have basically hardcoded to our minds from a very early age. What we have to remember here is that electricity was not available during the times of our ancestors. So cutting nails without a proper light could hurt you if you cut nails at night.

You should take a bath after a funeral

Human bodies will start to decay soon after death. SO, the funerals actually are places full of germs. So, this belief of taking a bath after a funeral is just to prevent yourself from getting infected.

You should not sweep the floor at nights

This is another myth which had a very practical reason a few generations ago. Which is electricity. If you sweep the floors at night, you could sweep some valuables too.

Lemon and chili can save you from “evil eye.”

The evil eye is a common belief, especially in most south Asian countries. Evil eye stands for a look or stares believed to cause injury or misfortune to others. While there are no practical reasons for lemon and chilli to be able to save some one from this “evil eye”, both of these are rich with several medicinal values which may help your body in protecting from diseases.

Girls are not allowed to enter religious venues and kitchens during the Menstruation cycle.

This was primarily to give them a rest as they feel discomfort during these periods. Another fact that need to consider is that there were no sanitary napkins in the past when these rules were introduced.

You should not cook during a death day in the family.

This is another myth people follow with a blind eye. However, there is a very practical reason behind this ritual as well. During a death of the family, you feel sad, and this ritual is designed so that the family can moan their loved one with ease and without having to cook.

You should not move out during a solar eclipse

As with many other common myths and facts, our ancestors really knew what they were doing when they introduced these practices. Today, scientists have found out that looking at a solar eclipse can cause you retinal burns or “eclipse blindness.” Not moving outside will stop you from looking at the sun.

We are sure that there must be many other myths which have very good reasons. Feel free to share them in the comments below and we will add them to our list.